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Improve Client Engagement

Connect with your clients better than ever before.

Share Promotions

Text promotions to improve your redemption rate and lock in more business.

Book Appointments

Reach your customers effectively without playing phone tag. Texting allows customers to request appointments at their convenience.

Answer Inquiries

Common questions can be answered automatically with keywords and auto-reply, and other questions and concerns can quickly be addressed by your staff.

Schedule Reminders

Automatically send reminders to customers about their upcoming appointments to reduce no-shows.

Collect Feedback

Send satisfaction surveys to collect customer insights so you can better understand what you’re doing well, and what areas you can improve.

Request Reviews

Gain exposure by asking your customers to share a public, online review. This will help boost your reputation and attract new customers.

Features & Benefits

Scheduled Messages

Remind clients about upcoming appointments by scheduling a text message to be sent prior to the arranged date/time.


Save time sending common messages by creating templates for future use.

Auto Reply

Ensure your customers receive a response by setting auto-reply messages to be sent during specific circumstances.

Keyword Automation

Create a Keyword, e.g. "appointment" that triggers an automatic reply any time a client texts in that word.

Dynamic Fields

Automatically pull contact details for multiple recipients without manually entering their unique information.

Custom Rules

Tailor your text settings to match your business’s unique requirements. Contact customercare@banter.io for more information about custom solutions.

More features

Start texting with your existing landline number.

Text messages have a 98% open rate—209% higher response rate than phone calls and emails.

85% of customers prefer to communicate with businesses via text.

96% of consumers prefer mobile coupons over any other form of hunting for discounts.

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