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Benefit from greater productivity and increased customer satisfaction
by integrating banter with your workflows.


Integrate Skype to combine your communication tools and receive all calls and notifications within one app.


Integrate Slack to combine business communications tools and work more efficiently.


Integrate WhatsApp to combine your communication tools and receive all calls and notifications within one app.


Integrate Zapier to automate repetitive tasks and receive a wide range of integrations with CRMs, help desks, and more.


Connect banter with your apps using a Webhook and collect data in real time.


Integrate your email to review your communication activity within your inbox.


Integrations enable your company to streamline communication and collaboration, so your team can work more efficiently and create stronger connections with your customers. Connect banter with your APIs to increase employee productivity and drive customer satisfaction within your existing workflows.

Track your communication data in 1000+ apps like Google Sheets, Dropbox, Slack, Cognito Form, Trello, Gmail with Zapier. All gathered data provides insight on how every minute is used.

The Texting Toolbox for Business

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